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Composer is a free, open-source, multiplayer, local-first knowledge environment powered by DXOS. Users can collaborate real-time, work offline, and retain privacy through the peer-to-peer protocols of DXOS. User data is never stored on any servers and does not leave devices the user trusts. Composer works entirely on the client with no private data silos.

Developers can extend Composer through plugins - every feature is implemented as a plugin that can be swapped or extended. Community contributions are most welcome.

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Technology Preview

Composer is not yet ready for production. There are bugs, and breaking changes may occur. Migration guides will be provided for version updates in the release notesopen in new window.

All your feedback is most welcome on Discordopen in new window.

Key Features

  • Extensibility: Every feature is implemented through the extensibility model, leaving nothing off-limits to malleability.
  • Collaboration: Built-in real-time multiplayer functionality for sharing and collaboration.
  • Privacy-First: Ensures privacy, availability, and functionality while offline. No data silos or intermediaries.
  • Runs everywhere: Designed for mobile and desktop, works in modern browsers.
  • Native and Desktop apps: Installable to your desktop or home screen (coming soon).

Use Cases

  • Knowledge Management: Organize and manage personal knowledge, notes, tasks, diagrams, and other kinds of content.
  • Collaborative Work: Share and collaborate on documents, projects, and tasks.
  • Data Integration: Integrate and visualize data from diverse sources and formats.
  • Custom Applications: Build custom applications and workflows on top of Composer.

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